With the power of a king and the class of a Queen, a Prince was born

Fredrick Prince is a jewellery company based in Toronto and ready to take over the world. Fredrick Prince’s jewellery is all handcrafted by designer and founder, Melissa De Luca, who developed the brand in 2009 after she was bored with typical, mass-produced jewellery found in stores. Melissa’s education and experience in the wholesale and buying market lent way to the designer’s sense of entrepreneurship which was the perfect marriage of business smarts and artistic expression. Today, Fredrick Prince’s collections reflect jewellery that is versatile and transitional from season to season while still remaining cool and trendy. The end result is an emerging jewellery brand that is fresh and modern with original pieces to suit all wearers. In 2012 Fredrick Prince expanded their brand onto their blog, FP is Here, to connect with their loyal followers and customers as well as to express Fredrick Prince’s love for fashion, art and design which you can find right here, right now. It’s a creative place and space for Fredrick Prince to grow and we hope you’ll grow with us.


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